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Image Usage

Images with People in Them

If you wish to use a photo that contains the likeness of any human (whether they are recognizable or not), be it ourselves, our friends, whomever, you must obtain our express, written permission. If you break this simple rule, we’ll send our lawyer after you. If you repost a photo of our children, Leslie will come after you.

Images without People

Photos that do not contain people, e.g. a photo of a room, can be reposted without our written consent provided all of the following criteria are met:

  1. A credit line is conspicuously placed in the immediate vicinity of the image. The image caption is a logical location. A credit line at the end of an article will not suffice. The credit line must read: “Image courtesy of Hammer & Moxie. All rights reserved.” Note the link to our homepage (http://www.hammerandmoxie.com), which is mandatory.
  2. The subject matter of your site is not illegal, objectionable, or adult in nature. We’re not sure why you’d find our photos useful if you’re running those types of sites, but we have to include it. Home improvement fetishists, move along.
  3. Our images are for web use only. They may not be printed without our permission.
  4. Images may not be sold or bundled with a product or service that requires any sort of payment to access or obtain.
  5. Images may not be altered. You can resize them to fit your needs, but please do not crop or Photoshop them in any way.
  6. You agree to remove the image if we request you do so, even if all the above criteria are met. Though we’ll probably tell you why we’d like you to remove the image, we are not obligated to do so.

About number 6: By allowing reposting of our images, we are not releasing them into the public domain. They remain our property, and we reserve the right request their removal at any time for any reason.

The bottom line: we actually want our images out there, as it increases our exposure. That’s why we don’t clutter our photos with ugly watermarks. Please make sure you observe these rules, and everyone benefits.

If you’re unsure of whether you meet the criteria to repost one of our images, err on the side of caution, and shoot Peter a note to ensure everything is on the up-and-up: peter@hammerandmoxie.com. Don’t worry, he’s nice.

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