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We’re on Etsy
February 19, 2015

We’re on Etsy

I’m not sure how Sam Walton announced the grand opening of Walton’s Five & Dime. And I wasn’t there when Jeff Bezos launched a modest little bookselling site called Amazon. But I doubt there was much fanfare. Nobody knew those to be burgeoning retail empires. Who’s to say this is any different?: Our Etsy shop is finally up. […]

Win a Decorative Birdhouse Nightlight
December 29, 2014

Win a Decorative Birdhouse Nightlight

Our first batch of birdhouse nightlights will soon be on Etsy, but first, we’re giving away three of ’em—an $85-100 value (each). (Since the prototypes for these prizes adorn my precious daughter’s walls, I consider “priceless” a more accurate valuation.) Here’s the thing about this sweepstakes: Hammer & Moxie is new. Our families read it. Unfortunately for […]

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