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About Hammer & Moxie

Peter, Leslie, and Hannah

Hammer & Moxie: Peter, Leslie, and Hannah.

I’m Peter. That’s Leslie. And the little one, that’s Hannah. We’re Hammer & Moxie—a home improvement blog documenting our DIY (mis)adventures as we attempt to make the house we inhabit ours. At the end of the day, we hope to say we made our little patch of St. Louis, MO better.

We aren’t experts. We are a touch handy, but haven’t always been. We’ve learned that learning happens when you do. Sometimes it just takes a little moxie to say, “let’s give it a shot,” and tear into that wall that may or may not contain plumbing and electrical. We don’t always do things exactly right—that’s part of learning, and now that we have this here blog, you can learn from our mistakes—but at the end of the day, we get to stand back and say that we made something.

We hope curious spectators and ambitious DIYers alike can find something to love here. And we aim to offer an honest look at home improvement. We hope you can see what went into each of our projects: what was easy, what was hard, what we enjoyed, what we hated, and what we hated so much that we would gladly pay someone to do it next time. So come watch us screw up. It’ll be fun.

Hammer & Moxie is:


Peter is an advertising art director, meaning his wife doesn’t understand what he does all day. Or rather, she doesn’t understand why he gets paid for whatever it is that he does all day. He dabbled in professional kickball but was cut almost immediately (that’s a true story). As a child, he was subjected to many hours of (forced?) labor by his DIY zealot of a father, time that was allegedly full of invaluable life lessons, lessons that would have served him well on this blog had he been paying attention.


Leslie is a pediatric oncology nurse and two miracles away from sainthood. Quilting is her favorite hobby, and, no, she doesn’t have that Benjamin Button disease where she looks 30 but is really, like, 80. She was once a reluctant accomplice in home improvement projects but has learned to feign enthusiasm after several years of marriage.


Hannah joined us in 2013. She mostly points at things and yells, “dah!” and then poops herself. She contributes little to this blog. But, we intend to keep her around, because she is decidedly the best baby in the whole, wide world.

Cooper, Bruno, Belle, and Tyson

We have too many animals. Cats. Dogs. Their fleas. We’re one big, multi-species family.



Hammer & Moxie is a husband-and-wife, home improvement blog, cataloging our sometimes overzealous DIY projects in Saint Louis, MO.

Tell us how we're doing. Introduce yourself. Have a question? We'll try our darndest to answer. Compliment? Please! Critique? Fire away, just make sure it's constructive and aimed at us (not another commenter).

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