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What Were We Thinking?
November 6, 2015

What Were We Thinking?

So, about this blog. Blogs are a thing on the internet, and as with all things on the internet (and unlike most other things in life) barriers to entry are few. To fling stuff into the blogosphere, one needs not many dollars and an overinflated sense of self importance. The blogosphere is a noisy, noisy place where you […]

December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas from Hammer & Moxie

We were going to send you all a gift. It was on our list. But life got busy, and time got away. So a hammer with some pipe cleaners is all we could muster: Merry Christmas to you and yours. We hope it’s filled with much joy!

A Year? Already?
October 18, 2014

A Year? Already?

It was a year ago today that this happened: Being a parent is the craziest thing. Never have I loved/hated something so much in my life. Having a baby absolutely ruins your life (your freedom, your spontaneity, your sleep, your showers, your meals, your everything), and there is no option to take it back. And here’s […]

Applebutter in the Ozarks
October 16, 2014

Applebutter in the Ozarks

We love October in Missouri. The air is crisp, but not too cold. The trees are turning the most beautiful browns, reds and golds. It’s the perfect time  to be outdoors.  We do our best to be outside as much as possible in October. It. Is. Wonderful. One of the best weekends in October is Applebutter Weekend. Every […]

Our Wedding

Our Wedding

“We’re going to keep things simple,” said the reasonable bride and groom. Reality, however, is complicated. Add the word “wedding” or “bridal” to anything you’re trying to sell, and you can up the price at least 10%. Do it yourself, and that’s money in the bank. Right? Right. We should have known we had our […]

How We Met, and How Peter Put a Ring on it
September 24, 2014

How We Met, and How Peter Put a Ring on it

How it went down By Peter I’ve known Leslie for a long time. She has always wanted me. Actually, she doesn’t even remember the first time we met. We were in college at the University of Missouri, at a meeting for a missions trip to Jamaica. We were asked to partner up for a game […]

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