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What’s a Moxie?
December 2, 2014

What’s a Moxie?

It’s harder than you might think to name a child. We had plenty of time—9 months to be exact—to name Hannah, but it wasn’t until about four hours after her birth that we chose her name. A name defines a person, and it sticks with them for the rest of their life. You don’t yet know this person, yet you are solely responsible for choosing the name by which she will be called. For the rest of her life. That’s a lot of pressure!

It’s sort of the same with a blog. Maybe a little less pressure, but the same idea, nonetheless. After going around in circles, and sifting through about 100 mediocre names, Peter said, “I like the word moxie.” 

Peter works in advertising, and therefore works with words daily. I work in healthcare. I mostly speak and write in abbreviations, Latin words, and abbreviations for Latin words.  Honestly, when I heard the word moxie, my first thought was, “That would be a good name for a cat.” Turns out, it’s a real word.

I did a quick survey of two (my sister and a friend) about the word moxie. Neither knew what it meant.

I Googled it. Moxie, as it turns out, is a quirky soft drink beloved in the Northeast.

Probably not the moxie to which Peter was referring.

Then I stumbled upon Merriam-Webster, whose definition is:

1:  energy, pep
2:  courage, determination
3:  know-how

Add a hammer to all of that, and it’s a perfect description of our life.

Do not add a cat.

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