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We’re on Etsy
February 19, 2015

We’re on Etsy

I’m not sure how Sam Walton announced the grand opening of Walton’s Five & Dime. And I wasn’t there when Jeff Bezos launched a modest little bookselling site called Amazon. But I doubt there was much fanfare. Nobody knew those to be burgeoning retail empires. Who’s to say this is any different?:

Our Etsy shop is finally up. We have a handful of bird house nightlights for sale and will post a couple more later. (If you missed it, check out our bird house nursery post.)

I can’t guarantee we’ll keep it fully stocked at all times, as it’s of secondary importance our blog (and if you haven’t noticed, we’ve had a hard time keeping up through the first month-and-a-half of the year). But, as we create things for the blog, we might crank out a few extras here and there to post to Etsy.

So check it out. You might be forever enshrined in Hammer & Moxie Industries’ (not-yet-existent) Wikipedia entry as our very first customer. That’s right, it’s a twofer: cheer up that blank wall with a rustic bird house nightlight and become internet-famous!

If that little pitch didn’t work on you, you can build your own bird house nightlight soon. Our step-by-step bird tutorial is nearly finished.

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