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Homemade Chandelier with Irregular Globe Lighting
November 21, 2014

Homemade Chandelier with Irregular Globe Lighting

A few years ago Leslie asked if we could replace the stodgy-looking brass chandelier in our dining room. Lucky for her (me?), she filed her request during my Christmas break. I’d never made a chandelier, so I exhausted an entire day researching and hunting down lamp parts online. When Leslie returned from work, she found me on the sofa, eyes bloodshot, hair awry.

“Have you moved?”

Glancing up from the sickly glow of my laptop: “No.”

“What have you been doing all day?”

“Um. Looking at lamp parts.”


I tracked down some cotton-covered wire to keep the whole thing convincingly vintage-looking and cut it to varied lengths for a more interesting, irregular look.  The box is built of reclaimed wood and conceals wiring and a homemade bracket that attaches to the ceiling plate.

Homemade chandelier.Homemade chandelier.Homemade chandelier.

It hangs above our dining room table and is the first thing guests notice and remark upon when entering our house.

We couldn’t be happier. Although, as visually-appealing incandescent bulbs become increasingly difficult to source, we may have to (reluctantly) switch to frosted globes to hide unsightly CFLs or LEDs. In the meantime, we’ve stocked up on 40w incandescents to hold us over for awhile.

All in, this little project cost us about $200-250.

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  1. Karen

    I love this! I’m looking to do something similar in our dining room. We recently renovated our kitchen and took some space from our dining room, and doing a box like that would conceal where the existing ceiling plate is without having to do any ceiling patches from needing to move it over slightly.

  2. Dawn

    Looking for something exactly like this for a restaurant I actually need 50 of them wondering if you make these to sell

    1. I’m flattered, Dawn. I’m not sure if I could accommodate an order that size, but I’ll shoot you an email.

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